Firsthand Jolla

Yesterday I got my Jolla. This is a quick blog from day one.

The device.

It looks nice, It feels nice. There’s nothing wrong with the physical device. If you have a decent sized quality touch screen, a camera, GPS, bluetooth and a working wifi you are pretty much there already, at least in terms of hardware. I remember days when hardware was the thing – not anymore.

The Sailfish Experience.

After iOS and Winphone, the Sailfish OS feels like playing an adventure game. You are just tossed in the middle of something with no clue of what’s ahead, or what you are supposed to do. The tutorial app was helpful. It contained a hint that I should swipe to get things done. I have spent most of the day learning where to put my finger before the swipe, and then which way should I swipe and what speed. Open, minimize & close apps, navigation in the app, “peek” – all swipe gestures. Takes a while to get used to, as it’s very different from what you are used to.

Day One Hints

First you get the native Sailfish apps from Jolla store. But to get anything real done with your phone, you’ll have to get Android apps. The default Russian Yandex is a start, but after an hour you’ll find you need a better place to get the apps you are looking for: Facebook, Youtube, Hayday, Clash of Clans etc.

Important: You don’t need to crack your phone to get better app store than Yandex. Google play is of course the best store there is, but getting it to work requires some heavy engineering on your Jolla. An alternative; Samuli Hakoniemi wrote excellent instruction how to install Aptoide (to get Clash of Clans) to your Jolla. The good news is that Aptoide is a much better place to look for apps than Yandex. And installing it does not require you to crack your brand new phone immediately. Thank you Samuli for this tip!

Yandex registration tip: Keep your phone either on English language, if you want to register with the Yandex app. Otherwise the Captcha part or the registration fails. Preferably register to Yandex directly with this web page.

Droid apps that seem to work on Jolla

There are the apps that worked like a charm from the start, mostly downloaded from Aptoid.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Hayday
  • TempleRun2

Not working (at least on my) Jolla

These are Android apps I tried, but somehow failed:

  • WhatsApp (starts promising, but doesn’t find any contacts)
  • GMail (just crashes)
  • Google+ (“Components missing. Contact your device vendor”)
  • Chrome (starts but does noting)

Things I haven’t yet figured out yet

… and these are the ones, I haven’t figured out. If you know an answer, please comment!

  • I can’t connect any external calendars to Jolla calendar. Google Calendar? Plz… I know Google is a bitch for every other vendor, but this is a must have. Exchange active sync is not an option, if Google will actually disable it soon…
  • Android Dropbox “works”, but you can’t open any files from it.
  • Sailbox (Sailfish native dropbox) works, but I cannot open any files with it either.
  • Sailfish Documents app does nothing?
  • Does the native mail app actually get mails automatically? I always had new mail when I manually retrieved, no matter what I had set as “retrieve mails automatically at every XX minutes”.

This was pretty much my first day. And oh – you can make and receive phone calls, as well as SMS with Jolla. Works. Stay tuned.


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  1. For the record – I sold my Jolla after 2 months of use, while I can still get some money out of it. I wanted a phone that worked, not a platform to debug me one.

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