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Finnish conversational bots, Kalle Kotipsykiatri

Kalle Kotipsykiatri amazed C-64 home users on the mid-eighties with it's witty comments and the ability to have it's conversations in finnish. I stumbled across the original BASIC-language source codes published on Mikrobitti magazine written by Jyrki J. J. Kasvi. I decided to convert the original [...]

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Azure ARM Templates, an Education Use Case

Azure ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates describe complex computing environments as plain, human readable and editable code. In education, ARM templates can be used to instantly deploy a preconfigured learning environment for the students,  which is discarded after the course completed. This on-demand solution minimizes both [...]

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Where Consortium Blockchains Fit?

Should I use consortium blockchain, or should I consider another approach for my business case? This short post helps you to make the right decisions. It's all about bringing in trust. Consortium blockchain idea is to bring trust between parties that by nature don't trust each [...]

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Method for Legacy App Modernization

If your crown jewel has become a bit rusty over the years, it's now perfect time to give it a new life. This article is about method we've used at Wildcode to transform legacy apps into shiny, modern cloud based web application to replace your trusted workhorse. Rethinking the [...]

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Start Fresh

I had just jumped into iPhone development when I started a blog at this very same address six years ago. Back then it was about living and breathing the mobile ecosystems and everything related. To briefly summarize: It was nice, but the payoff ($$$) was lousy. Maybe later [...]

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