Cloud with virtually unlimited computing capacity has given us the possibility of adding (artificial) intelligence into our applications. Machine learning, chatbots and other advanced services are becoming everyday life, and the features can even be added to older applications.

Finnish conversational bots, Kalle Kotipsykiatri

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Kalle Kotipsykiatri amazed C-64 home users on the mid-eighties with it's witty comments and the ability to have it's conversations in finnish. I stumbled across the original BASIC-language source codes published on Mikrobitti magazine written by Jyrki J. J. Kasvi. I decided to convert the original Kalle to a modern bot platform, the intent being to [...]

Bots and Business

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Friendly bot answering your helpdesk questions? A hip shopping assistant who knows both your style and the latest trends? An assistant who knows which latte you prefer on your way to work? Look no further, the bots are here! Why bots are appealing for business? Companies want to be where the customers are. About a decade [...]

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