Articles about creating applications using model driven development (MDD) methods.

Introduction to Model Driven Development

By |2022-10-19T15:05:12+03:00July 9th, 2021|Categories: Model Driven Development, Modern apps|Tags: |

It's 2021, and we are about to send people to Mars. If this is the future, why we still mostly code our apps manually? Everything that can be automated, should be automated in application development. We are moving towards software factories. Model driven development (MDD) is an approach that uses models as a specification of software and transformations of those [...]

Method for Legacy App Modernization

By |2022-10-19T15:08:33+03:00March 24th, 2017|Categories: Model Driven Development, Modern apps|Tags: |

If your crown jewel has become a bit rusty over the years, it's now perfect time to give it a new life. This article is about method we've used to transform legacy apps into shiny, modern cloud based web application to replace your trusted workhorse. Most modernizations can be dealt with simpler refactoring or rearchitecting approach. The method presented [...]

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