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Classic bouncing game of the 80’s returns. Now reloaded with physics, speed, control and an attitude. You take control of the Paddle, help the BOUNCE dy brothers deliver the falling items into safety. Join the crew and BOUNCE your way into history!

BOUNCE Delivery is in many ways my show of respect to the games I used to play when I was a kid at the eighties. You can read the whole story in my first blog article about BOUNCE Delivery – “BOUNCE inc happened”. The game is faithful to the classic 80’s pocket games theme. Typical game takes about 3 minutes, and it doesn’t require your attention every 15 minutes – play it when you like! You’ve got three lives, make it last! Challenge your friends on the Game Center, aim for highest scores, complete the levels, master the trickshots – or just enjoy the ride.

After 4 years, Bouncedy is now retired from App Store. Thank you all downloaders!

Languages available: English, Suomi.

The Game

Basic gameplay

Simply put: Bounce everything that falls to the Chevy waiting on the right. Wheels, Poky Cola – everything must bounce. Don’t let items hit the ground, or you lose a life. Lose all your lives – Game Over.

Aim for highest score, try to complete as many levels as you can, master the trickshots – and you’ll be awarded in Game Center leader boards and achievements. See who’s the best!

Bonus life at 300, then every 500 pts.


You can bounce – or you can Bounce with Style! Trickshots award you a little extra.

SkyTouch – Hit the sky. +5pts.

Slamdunk – Hit the Chevy, and hit it HARD! +10pts.

3Waller – Hit the chevy, with a bounce from 1) left 2) top 3) right wall. +15 pts.

ZeroTouch – Get the item into Chevy without the item touching the Paddle. +25 pts.


Frank & Joss, the Bounce brothers Bounceville heroes, dreaming of success, fortune and glory – and just to pay the bills – the brothers start up BOUNCE Delivery.


For questions, feedback or ideas, please e-mail me directly. You can find my contact information in the bottom of the screen.

Behind the Scenes

Latest news

The wait is over
BOUNCE dy is now Available on the App Store!

I’ll be tweeting, blogging and updating this page as I go – please come back often for latest news! In the meanwhile: Get behind the scenes! Draft artwork, BounceVille scenery, The BOUNCE dy. homebase at the Exaco station, the brothers, Jessie… Visit my development gallery.

Credits, Thank Yous and Trademarks

Programming & engines used

Ray Wenderlich for Cocos2d tutorials. Sometimes I feel that there’s more of your code in the game than mine. @slembcke for the Chipmunk Physics engine. Could not have done without it!



Font Garden for FG Laura – Jessie’s official handwritten font.
Various artists at
GraphicsFuel for the ticket to ride.
NASA galleries for the coolest space images ever!
Henrique Lazarini aka ~Ails pixelart at deviantart. 8-bit always rules!


Music for Video for BounceVille best sound effects.
Pacific Digital Video for great sounds!
Sound Jay – the source for effects
SoundBible for the sheepish and squishy sounds.

If I forgot to someone here, my apologies. Please notify me and I’ll put you up in the list!


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BOUNCE dy Press kits now available for Download

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