I had just jumped into iPhone development when I started a blog at this very same jannehansen.com address six years ago. Back then it was about living and breathing the mobile ecosystems and everything related. To briefly summarize: It was nice, but the payoff ($$$) was lousy. Maybe later on I’ll write a post mortem of that period – but not today. This is about fresh start.

I think it would be proper to first introduce myself. My name is Janne Hansen and I was born in 1971. I’m married with kids, and we live in Espoo, Finland. Retrocket is my retro gaming hobby site.

I’ve been listening and creating customer needs, defining requirements, architecting and developing products for past two decades. I consider myself more of a software guy, but the infrastructure dark side ain’t no stranger either. Platforms or programming languages – I’m not that picky, I have worked with most, both commercial and open source. And yes, I do love to code. Coding is one of the best ways to relax. And if you give me an opportunity, I love to speak in public.

So why this blog? My current job scene offers an excellent voyer position for both state-of-art enabling technology and real world business problems, and across multiple business domains. Food for thought, BIG time. I just may have a few interesting stories to share.

This may even become a two-way experience. If you can kindly spare the time, please comment and point out when I’m wrong (or sometimes even right?), or fill out the blanks I will inevitably leave in the articles.

IRL – Let’s see what comes up. Let there be rock.

Best regards,
Janne the blogkeeper